Property management

Let House of Rentals manage your property!

One of the reasons to outsource the management of your property/properties is to make sure you do not have to worry or take care of anything. You can rest assured that your property is under professional management.

Financial management

  • Sending out rental invoices;
  • Collection of rental amounts and handling of subsequent financial settlement;
  • Provide periodical administrative rent statements;
  • Monitoring of payments and arrears;
  • Sending out reminder letters and if necessary enlistment of a bailiff;
  • Making of payments authorised by the landlord;
  • Implementing rent increases and providing accompanying written letter s of notification;
  • Administration and off-setting of advance payments and costs for services and service-related matters;
  • Forwarding of municipal taxes and charges for the property to the tenant;
  • Possibility of rental guarantee.

Technical management

  • Performance of an inspection in the event of inconsistencies and the compilation of inspection reports;
  • Performance of an inspection in the event of complaints;
  • Performance of periodic and precautionary inspections if desired;
  • Settlement of complaints;
  • If desired, compilation of annual and multi-year budgets;
  • Releasing proposals for maintenance;
  • Tender offer, confirmation and monitoring of maintenance work;
  • Verification/Checking of submitted bills;
  • Responsible for property presentation and any guarantee commitments;
  • Conclusion and revision (to keep in line with the market) of maintenance contracts;
  • Monitoring the proper fulfilment of maintenance contracts;
  • Fixing technical disturbances;
  • Coordinating maintenance activities.

For technical and financial management, we charge a percentage of the rent amount. Contact us to find out our attractive rates for financial and/or technical property management.

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